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Custom Music Editing

We edited music thousands of times for all levels of athletes from beginners to Olympic champions. Unbeatable results and fast turnaround. We will follow your requests, your order of elements and the rules of your sport.


Free Music Review

We will review your music from every perspective, including rules, sound and musical form, logical transitions, etc. Get review within 48 hours. This service is absolutely free. No strings attached.


Arrangement and Beats

We have significant experience with professional music arrangements and changing the concept of previously composed and/or recorded music. We add the rhythm section beats to your music. Get a free estimate.


Original Composition

Got music idea? We will write an original music composition especially for you by a professional music composer with proven experience in sport music and you will have the music of your dreams. Get a free estimate.


Sound Enhancement

Music used at sports arenas needs specific sound enhancements and adjustments. Your music will always be loud enough, clear and powerful. We always return music of better sound than the one you sent us.


Personal Music Search

The more you can describe what kind of music you are searching for by genre, style, tempo or sound you need, the better we can help you to find your best music. We can search by the title or name of the composer.


Accents and FX

We add music accents for exact synchronization with your elements and better show your ability to follow your music. This will help your choreography, too. Adding sound FX is best for music that builds characters.



We can make all timing adjustments or fix any music problems you may have. Fast turnaround. With our Custom Music Editing service you can reedit your music within 30 days for free.

Juvenile and Intermediate Figure Skating Programs 2:08 – 2:10

This music album includes 20 ready-to-use competition music programs designed for juvenile and intermediate skaters.
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Rhythmic Gymnastics Hits

All 25 tracks of this album are ready for competitions.
Click here

First Step To Pedestal

Understanding and appreciating music is a very important part in the development of successful figure skating athletes
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This album has 20 tracks of short programs that are ready for competition for Novice Single and Pairs skaters
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Rhythms of Abbey Road

Rhythmic Innovations and Sonic Excellence
Click here

Whistle Melodies

A Euphonious Journey of Enchanting Whimsy
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In Style of Broadway

From heart-wrenching ballads to electrifying allegros
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Contemporary Songs for Competitions

From the forefront of musical innovation and creativity
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SportMusic.com has a unique music collection. There are no equivalents of it on the Internet, in any other online stores or streaming services. All our music was especially selected for figure skating and ice dance, rhythmic gymnastics and artistic gymnasticsartistic swimming and roller skating and other sports using music during the competitions.

All tunes are of superb sound quality, carefully handpicked by music composer Alexander Goldstein, a leading world authority in music for competitive sport.

Our music is presented in albums and grouped by themes or genres. This saves you a lot of time in searching for music for your needs. Currently trending and rare music genres as well as classical music are well represented here, so, you can search, listen to music in its full length, download any track for free and find your winning music

We Are Here To Help You

Imagine now that you browsed through our entire collection but found nothing that appealed to you. Still, if you know what kind of music you need, we can step in and participate in your music search. Our staff has even more access to music databases through our professional resources. We can perform music search more effectively. So, our Personal Music Search service will help you.

If you are having any difficulties with a project, we can always find a way to successfully complete it – our services are unlimited.

Unmatched Results of Success

The overall results of SportMusic.com are unmatched – 41 Olympic medalists, way more than a hundred World and European champions and countless National champions of many countries on five continents.

If you need an additional arrangement for your sport music to make it closer to your ideas or you need a new arrangement of already existing music, please use our Arrangements and Beats service. The most challenging to create and the most awarded by competitive results is original composition for your program or routine. We have many successful results. Visit our Original Composition page. Estimates for either of these services are free for you.

Over decades we perfected our method and established a network of direct contacts with the leading recording studios that use the latest samples of analog instruments and synthesized sounds. Whenever we need to record live instruments, we invite world-class musicians and vocalists. As a result, we all create memorable and successful music for athletic performances

Consistently High Production Quality from Beginners to Olympians

We continually update SportMusic.com studio with top-of-the-art audio and video equipment and computer software to keep up the highest level of our production. Our other most important strength of service to our clients is holding music for all levels of athletes, beginning with beginners, to the same high standard of production quality as music we create for the elite athletes of the world.

Before we start working on custom music we watch the athlete’s recent videos. We will ask the order of the required elements that will be performed. Understand the level of specific artistic ability, strengths and individuality of the athlete(s) or team is important to us. Knowing the timing of each element, we make their music to logically coexist with their sport’s requirements and better suited for their choreography.

We are creating/edit music for sport in such a way that would be best for performance of the elements. At the same time, the music we create helps to demonstrate the artistry. The athlete’s connection to music will be highlighted. And last, but not least, our music is always musically correct.

Professional Knowledge is Essential For Your Music Program

When we are working with music, our main goal is to preserve Music. The knowledge of all musical forms and music theory is absolutely necessary for everyone who attempts to edit any musical composition. If the rules of music are in place, any transition is mostly a technicality rather than part of creation process.

A person following their common sense rather than possessing highly professional music knowledge will not be able to build a musically strong composition for a program or routine. The judges and the audience may never analyze how your music was made. They usually go with “I like” or “I don’t like” reaction to your music. Their negative reaction to music will reflect on their overall scoring. So, you need judges to like your music and focus on your performance. Professional music editing step is not the step to miss.

Affordable Prices, Free Music and Free Service

Most single tracks here is priced below 50 cents if you buy the album.

Any music from this site will be free when you place Custom Music Editing order.

We can check a program or routine music you already did with Free Music Review service.

We’ll give you our recommendations, no payment needed, no strings attached.

Some compositions on our site will not require music editing, because the track length is already exactly what you need. It would make sense to look for those!

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