We can make all timing adjustments or fix any music problems you may have.

We provide free reediting with our Custom Music Editing service if you need to reedit music within 30 days from when we made it for you. Just send us an email explaining what needs to be done. We will still have all your files and you don’t need to resend them to us. If your music needs reediting after the 30-day grace period has expired, please complete the Reeding Order.

Usually music reediting is needed in when:

  • You need to change timing of the music parts without changing total timing
  • Your competitive level changes and the total timing needs adjustment
  • You need to change or replace music parts, transitions or ending

Sometimes, as the result of the reediting process, a minor timing change will be necessary, especially whenever we fix the rhythm flow. If significant changes will be required, we will consult with you before we proceed with music changes.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if information on this page did not address your particular situation. We can resolve practically any problem with your musi


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