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Whistle Melodies

A Euphonious Journey of Enchanting Whimsy
$9.99 for entire album in high quality mp3 format. $0.98 for a single track.
Dive into the playful and enchanting world of Whistle Melodies, our music album where every track is adorned with the delightful charm of whistles. Each note carries the lightness of whimsy and the infectious joy of carefree melodies, creating a captivating auditory experience.
The album unfolds like a magical journey, with each whistle weaving a unique tale of mirth and wonder. The sound of whistles takes center stage, creating a harmonious interplay of cheerful tunes that dance through the air like musical confetti.
From the sprightly tunes of folk-inspired whistling to the soulful serenades of hauntingly beautiful melodies, Whistle Melodies offers a diverse range of tracks that showcase the versatility of this simple yet evocative instrument. The whistle, with its purity and simplicity, becomes the protagonist, guiding listeners through a landscape of emotions and sonic landscapes.
Whether you’re in need of a mood-lifting tune or a special attention from the audience, Whistle Waves provides a musical palette that is as varied as it is delightful. Embrace the carefree spirit, let the whimsical tunes carry you away, and allow these tracks to paint a vivid soundscape of enchantment in every note.

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Album’s Info:
Publisher: ABG World, LLC (ASCAP)
Release Date: 2024
Copyright: © 2024 ABG World, LLC (ASCAP)
$9.99 for entire album in high quality mp3 format
$0.98 for single track


Lorna Brown
Lorna Brown(Figure Skating, choreographer) USA
Read More
I think it’s perfect. Thank you!!
Elena Betchke
Elena Betchke Figure Skating, coach USA
Read More
Wow.... sounds perfect. Thank you so much.
Tatiana Tzym
Tatiana Tzym (Artistic Swimming, coach) Israel
Read More
Music is excellent! It’s accepted with grateful!
Kana Muramoto & Daisuke Takahashi
Kana Muramoto & Daisuke Takahashi (Ice Dancers) Japan
Read More
It sounds great!!! Thank you :)
Varduhi Nahapetyan
Varduhi Nahapetyan (Rhythmic Gymnastics, Coach) USA
Read More
Wow, thank you so much, it’s really cool.
Sean Folstein
Sean Folstein (Artistic Roller Skater) USA
Read More
This is perfect! Thank you so much
Adrienne Carhart
Adrienne Carhart(Ice Dancer) USA
Read More
Thank you so much for your help! The cut is beautiful. I cannot thank you enough!
Natalya Frenkel
Natalya Frenkel (Figure Skating, parent) Switzerland
Read More
Oh, I like it so much! Thank you!
Mari Nishizaka
Mari Nishizaka (Figure Skating, parent) Japan
Read More
I have received the responds from Miwa, the coach and Kenji, the choreographer. They are quite happy as usual!
Kimmi Jeffers
Kimmi Jeffers (Figure Skating, Coach) USA
Read More
Thank you for the following options! Option 3 would be great. I put in my order just now!
Julia Kelly
Julia Kelly (Figure Skating, parent) Australia
Read More
Thank you very much for your quick response and editing music. We do like it! I really appreciated your work!
Isabella Gamez
Isabella Gamez(Pair Figure Skater) Philippines
Read More
Thank you so much! I trust your work and your opinion.
Rebeccah Sensenbrenner
Rebeccah Sensenbrenner (Figure Skating, parent) USA
Read More
Thank you. I think this is a seamless, beautiful and appropriate piece of music!
Grace Lee
Grace Lee (Ice Dance, parent) USA
Read More
Thank you for making excellent music for my kids! :)
Mari Nishizaka
Mari Nishizaka (Figure Skating, parent) Japan
Read More
Thank you so much for the quick and perfect work! We appreciate your help a lot!
Bianka Szíjgyártó
Bianka SzíjgyártóTeam USA Int’l Coach
Read More
It sounds fantastic, thank you!
Elizabeth Abbasi
Elizabeth AbbasiSolo ice dancer
Read More
I really like this music. Thank you so much.

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