Sound Enhancement



Music used at sport arenas always needs specific sound enhancements and adjustments.

When you use our Custom Music Editing Service, Sound Enhancement is included. Sound is an important part of our Custom Music Editing service that is why we always pay a lot of attention to the sound quality.

However, music made elsewhere will most likely need our Sound Enhancement.

We would like to let you to know that not everything can be one hundred percent fixable, particularly when some sound distortions in music exist in the music made elsewhere.

Whatever is off with your sound, we will be able to enhance it to the best possible quality of sound for your music program or routine.

Sound Enhancement

What do we expect from you?

Sound Enhancement

What do you receive from us?


The track “Esmeralda – Original Recording (fragment)” is the original sound of the Variation from ballet Esmeralda by C. Pugni. The music sounded soft and lacked energy. Coach Tamara Moskvina was very doubtful that this music could actually be used for competitions. We made several adjustments using state-of-the-art professional sound equipment, which allowed us to reach powerful and bright sound with this music. You can listen to the result of our sound enhancement in the track “Esmeralda – with Sound Enhancement (fragment)”. You also would be able to hear this music at the international competitions during the 2020-2021 season.

Everyone who’s ever tried to use the orchestral piece Bolero by M. Ravel in sport knows that the beginning of this music is impossible to use, because it is inaudibly soft. Check out its original sound in “Bolero – Original Recording (fragment)” track. An example of us resolving this problem for coach Marina Zoueva’s skater is in “Bolero – with Sound Enhancement (fragment)” track. We made this music sound good at any large arena. You would be able to hear this music at the international competitions during the 2020-2021 season.