“Alexander is the founder of the professional team approach, a trainer-musician, today an unsurpassed maestro of music in sports.
His ideas and his musical taste have helped us win many times.

My students like I. Rodnina and A. Zaitsev, N. Bestemyanova and A. Bukin, M. Usova and E. Platov, G. Chait and S. Sakhnovsky, Shizuka Arakawa, Johnny Weir, Sasha Cohen, Alexei Yagudin all won with the musical programs created by Alexander Goldstein. His work knows no technical and music barriers.
Everything can be done. He is truly a virtuoso in his field.”

Tatiana Tarasova,
Coach of many Olympic Champions


“We daily applaud to your mastery when we hear the music you sent. With our sincerest appreciation for decades of our creative collaboration. 

Your music is perfect for my present skaters A. Boikova and D. Kozlovskii, A. Mishina and A. Galliamov, as well it was great  for my former students – I. Vorobieva and A. Vlasov, I. Vorobieva and I. Lisovsky, E. Berezhnaya and A. Sikhuralidze, K. Ina and J. Zimmerman.”

Tamara Moskvina,

Coach to many Olympic Champions


“For the Olympic season, I decided to work with Alex Goldstein based on his reputation as a great musician. I was very pleased.

As a former musician and as someone who demands excellence, my experience with Alex was pleasant and theproject done was top notch. He cares about creating the best possible final piece, he is always cheerful and professional.
I look forward to working with Alex for years to come.”

Robin Wagner,
Olympic Champion Coach


“Alex and Marina are an amazing team to work with!
The quality of everything they do is impeccable.
They respond quickly to all of my needs and accommodate any changes I need to make.

The skating world is constantly changing and they staywith the times. There isn’t anything in music editing that Alex isn’t able to do.
Every piece of music he edits or creates is a masterpiece.
I can’t imagine starting the competition season without having them on my side.
I am honored to work with them both.”

Lisa Kriley,
Professional Skating Instructor


“We have worked with Alex Goldstein for many years and every time fall in love with his music. We are very pleased with his ability to pick out the best melody and rhythm for our skaters and many competitive performances of our Creative Ice Theatre.

The programs that we have completed collaboratively have brought out the best compliments.
We are very satisfied with SportMusic.com services and will continue to request music programs for all ages and all levels.
Alex is a true professional whose genius inspires choreographers, coaches and skaters.”

Yevgeny Martynov and Maryna Gromova,
Creative Ice Skating Inc.


“We won the Olympic Gold with the music made by Alex Goldstein.
Our first coaching experience – we turned to Alex for music assistance.

Our latest coaching achievement, the Ice DanceWorld’s Gold – was also with the music program arranged by Alex Goldstein.
It is highly likely that our next coaching achievement will also be skated to Alex’s music – half of the world skates to Alex’s work.
Especially those determined to win.”

Natalya Linichuk, Gennadi Karponosov,
Olympic Champions Coaches


“I want to say Big Thank You! For all help you’ve done through these seasons with genres advice and music.

I’m very happy that this time at the Olympics so many people around the world got huge love and inspiration with our choices, styles, and uniqueness. #Happy!

Misha Ge,

Olympian (Usbekistan)


“Thank you very much for the musics!
I really enjoy skating to my new SP and LP and it was a great pleasure working with professional!”

Elena Glebova,
Olympian (Estonia)


“Not one of my ideas would have materialized without the music that brought them to life. Such music was created by the amazing composer Alexander Goldstein.

Talant, patience and workmanship of Mr. Goldstein prompted me to pull up to his high standard and that is why, without reservation, I share all of my achievements with him.

Through the years of our collaboration, I am happy to report, I have never had a hint of a problem with music: I was always confident that my music tracks are impeccably crafted and interesting.”

Tatiana Tsym,

Olympic Coach, Artistic Swimming


True professionals are much needed in every sphere. Even more so those who contribute with their heart. It is the axiom of creativity. Alexander Goldstein is in that group of creators.Composer, music editor, more so, like a music surgeon for hundreds of compositions in world figure skating, where music plays a huge role in success.

Over four decades over our friendship every joint project culminated in artistic success in sport and our ice-theatre, where Maestro Goldstein’s made music magic.

Natalia Bestemianova – Olympic Champion
Igor Bobrin – European Medalist
Creators Bobrin’s Ice Theatre

Figure Skating Music – Nikolai Morozov

Robin Wagner, Olympic Coach

Figure Skating Music, Natalia Linichuk

Igor Shpilband – Figure Skating Music by SportMusic.com

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