Arrangement and Beats




We have significant experience with music arrangements and changing the concept of previously composed and/or recorded music. Our music arrangement will modify any music composition to the specific needs of your program or routine. Each particular idea of music transformation demands an individualized way of fulfilling it, and we will suggest the one that is right for you.


As part of our Music Arrangement Service, we can change tempo, rhythm, melodic part, harmony, instrumentation, sound and genre of practically any music composition.

If you like the theme of a music composition, but think that the style of orchestration should be different to match your needs, we can rearrange it. We can use various instruments or ensembles, bands or orchestras, vocalists or choirs to reach your goal.

If you like the music, but it is not powerful enough overall or only in some sections, we can seamlessly add additional instruments to the existing track and change the character and the sound of it.

Arrangement and Beats

What do we expect from you?

Arrangement and Beats

What do you receive from us?


The arrangement of Lacrimosa from V. A. Mozart’s Requiem was created for Miki Ando of Japan. Nikolai Morozov, her then coach, and A. Goldstein decided to make an entirely new arrangement of this music with orchestra and choir, without words. The tempo of the new performance is a little slower than the usual classical interpretation, but to compensate a more vivid and modern orchestration without the drums section was used to achieve the desired classical purity.

This legendary aria from The Phantom of the Opera by A. L. Webber was rearranged by A. Goldstein especially for ice dance with prominently audible beats present all the time, as the sport rules require. That is why the variable tempo of the original recording was adjusted to be a constant. Additional parts for several instruments were created to support the additional beats and the new tempo. You probably heard this music at US competitions during the 2019-2020 season.

Free program of Anastasia Mishina and Aleksandr Galliamov had additional music arrangement after its music editing was already completed. In the second part of the program, Alexander Goldstein added several new layers of different instruments and women’s, men’s and full choirs. This gave the music a more powerful richer sound and better balance with the surrounding parts. Also, the new bells part was created as a combination of the three different bells, adding vividly strong sound. You probably already heard this music during the 2021-2022 competitive season, including the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games.